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Announcement for January 2022 Semester

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Creation of the id for the new user(s) will be carried out soon and an email will be sent to the respective email (as per email maintained in UCMS) as soon as possible.

Enrolment of the students to the subject(s) in the Moodle will be performed on 30th December 2021 and the update of the enrolment details in the Moodle will be carried out daily (two sessions per day) until the end of the add/drop period. 


The main reason(s) that you cannot find your enrolled subject(s) in Moodle is: 

1. The subject(s) is in the hidden mode. The subject(s) in the Moodle will be in hidden mode initially unless the lecturer(s) change the setting. 

2. The lecturer(s) prefer to use others' platforms. Please check with your lecturer(s) whether they are using Moodle or not.

3. You are not enrolled in the subject(s) in the Moodle yet. Normally the update of the enrolment details will be carried out daily (two sessions per day). If it is urgent, please send an email to 


You may sent an email to for any enquiries related to the Moodle.


Thank you. 

Forget Password?

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*There will be some disparity of enrolled subjects in Moodle and UCMS during add/drop period. The enrollments data for Moodle will be updated daily at 8am. 

Please do login with your Matriculation Number.

You may sent an email to if you want to reset your password or you can click the button named "Forgotten your username or password?". Once the button is clicked, you will receive your password reset email if and only if the email maintained in the Moodle system is up-to-date.

You can check and update your email in Moodle system once you login through the steps below:




Welcome to Methodist Pilley Institute Open Day 2020 (Cancelled)

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Feel free to join the Methodist Pilley Institute Open Day 2020 on 21st March 2020. (Cancelled)


Registration Starts Now

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Methodist Pilley Institute also offers Diploma in Social Work. You may contact MPI for further inquiry.

You will be equipped with social work practices and skills in diverse settings including family and child welfare, disability and elder care, health and mental health. 

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